Need to Run

I am in need of a good run. I SHOULD HAVE gone last night for the easy 3 miles that I should HAVE done over the weekend. But I let myself talk myself out of it because of the heat wave and it was 85* and humid when the Handsome Hubby got home. So I went to bed feeling crappy because I let myself down.

I resolved that I would go first thing in the am with the baby when she woke up and before it got too hot. The Little Lady has not been sleeping past 7 am lately. Guess who slept till 8:30 this morning? (yay!) By the time I fed her and changed her it was 9 am and I did not run.

Tomorrow is the U2 concert we have been waiting to go t for YEARS (I bought the tickets for Christmas 2009) so there will be no night time running then.

So I have made a list. I will run errands and I will run tonight!

Three Things Thursday

1. I feel the need to vent about the Casey Anthony trial. And I apologize if this offends you and your thoughts, it probably will. Stop blaming the jury. It’s not their fault that the letter of the law was not proven. Not Guilty does not mean innocent.

2.I went for an awesome run last night. My phone which is my GPS and ipod all in one was not being helpful so I figured i would do some speed work for the first time ever. Since I had not thought this out and had no plan, I simple sprinted for 4 houses and jogged/walked for 4 houses.  I also had no route planned out and my speed work stopped about half way when I started going up hills. But it was the first run in a while so better then nothing.

3. Currently planning the Little Lady’s first birthday party. It is going to be Alice and Wonderland Themed! I made super cute invitations already and just have to start on the “everything else”


Today I am grateful for:



-left over desserts from the BBQ


I love smoothies. So I will share my newest favorite smoothie.
The Banana Coffee Smoothie.

2 overly ripe, almost black, preferably semi frozen bananas (freeze then microwave for 15 seconds so you can peel the skin off) (normal yellow ones will work fine too in a pinch)
about 1/3 cup of strong coffee cooled (or mixed with some ice cubes in a pinch)
about 1/2 cup milk
handful of ice cubes
drop of vanilla extract.

Mix everything in blender and enjoy!

Optional Additions: a tablespoon or two of honey and/or a tablespoon or two of chocolate syrup (added to the mixer)
Whipped cream is an acceptable addition as an awesome topping.

I will take pictures next time I make it…

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Welcome to my blog

My name is Mary and I stalk blogs. Lots of them. In fact if you star following me, I will stalk…er follow you too.
My sister started a blog so I figured I could do it too. I have been thinking about it for a while anyway.